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SLC Profile: Sterling by Furyshield SLC Profile: Sterling by Furyshield
The template was made by :iconxxstorywolfxx:. The picture and writing in the picture were done by :iconthe-wind-rider:.  Yay Sterling Doctor!

Name: Sterling

Species: Cat

Gender: Male

Type: Nanitan

Age: 16

Fur Color: Charcoal

Eye Color: Bright red


- Transformation: Sterling can transform into any physical form he wishes, as long as he has seen it before somewhere, even in a photograph. Practice is needed, depending on form, and a certain amount of volume/surface area cannot be exceeded. The more complex the form and the longer it is held, the more energy is used.

- Nanites: Sterling can command nanites for offense or defense similar to Gyro.

-Assimilate: Sterling can attempt to fuse with machines and use them to his will, allowing him to hack into systems, etc. Cannot be used for very long, and significant damage to the system will force him to stop controlling the machine. This will not work on Exus robots.

-Quick and accurate thinking for pattern recognition and logic, giving him a strong tactical mind

- Executable Programs: Sterling has four distinct programs that he can use at any time. Only one can be active at once, and the color of the aura surrounding Sterling determines which one he is in.

Red ("Overdrive"): Sterling's eyes and fur glow red, his attacks become more powerful, and he moves more swiftly on the battlefield. This uses up energy far faster than normal, and his accuracy becomes worse. Used typically in few vs. many situations.

Blue ("Swiftness"): Sterling's eyes and fur glow blue, and he becomes much quicker than normal at the cost of most of his offensive and defensive power. One good hit will often knock him out of this form, but he can keep it up for a long time. Used to stall for time or to kite.

Yellow ("Harden"): Sterling's eyes and fur become a bright yellow (different than gold, which is for hacking), and he gains immense defensive strength, and also gets slightly larger than normal. His attacks are slightly weaker, and he moves very slowly. Used to stall for time or to tank.

Green ("Healing"): Sterling's eyes and fur glow green, and some of his nanites enter the target's body (or physical space if they are a machine that needs to be repaired). They are healed at a rate which depends on the severity of the wound and the amount of nanites used to heal. This can also be used to recover energy, but any use of this weakens Sterling based on how many nanites are used.

Time Lord Knowledge:  Sterling is knowledgeable about just about anything from just about any time, as long as it's uniquely identifiable.  Sorting through all that information and data is tough, so it might take a bit of time to recall a key point.

Sonic Screwdriver:  Sterling has a small device with him that emits sonic waves and scans objects, which can determine their molecular structure.  Also has a lot of options and can be prone to taking a while to identify an object.

Perks:  Mobian of the World--Your knowledge of the world around you lets you become knowledgeable about unfamiliar places quickly.  This can range from anything from talking to locals to seeing what plants are or are not safe to eat to the typical places that Exus or local gangs hang out or attack. 

Brilliance--Your experience in the field and in combat allows you to predict the enemy's movements and counteract accordingly, giving all your allies a large bonus to two of the following:  attack, defense, and evasion, depending on the type of maneuver you are trying to counteract. 

Tails's Protege--You gain a vast mechanical knowledge.  You can repair, troubleshoot, and upkeep any machine in the base, and most machines in other places.  You can reverse-engineer simple Exus technology.

Weaknesses: Too much electricity can overcharge him, hacking may be able to take control of him. Lack of regard for his personal safety if someone else is injured or in need of help may cause him to risk his life when unnecessary.

Team: Free company, apprentice

Alliances: None so far

Personality: Shy and awkward around most people at first, but once he trusts someone, will do anything to help and defend them, and also show a happier side of himself. Has a strong sense of justice and prefers to think and use diplomacy and tactics to end conflicts rather than a straight-up brawl, but will fight if necessary. Weak in general survival skills and is a bit out of touch to what is happening around him sometimes, which can unintentionally get him into trouble. Strong in reading people and strategy. Becomes emotional at the sound of crying, and will do what he can to make it stop as soon as he can.

History: Was raised in Mecha Square with his father and mother until he was four, when he was kidnapped by thieves and taken across the ocean to one of the Oceanward Islands. Was held as a hostage with other children (but was confined by himself) for three years, then was rescued by some New Generation Freedom Fighters. Unable to be taken in by anyone, he has been living at various villages, staying as long as he can, trying not to venture into the wild very much for fear of being captured. He has tried to hide the fact that he is a nanite from people after he saw the way they treat robots, fearing they would see him as the same, despite his good intentions. To this day, no one he met since escaping knows he is a nanite, and he will only tell someone if he trusts them very much or has to reveal it in a desperate situation. He occasionally sees members of the New Generation Freedom Fighters, and clearly wants to help them, even if his skills aren’t exactly strong or refined enough. Currently residing on the outskirts of Station Square. He wants to survive, but also wants to find his mother and father, or at least someone who will accept him and trust him even though he is a nanite.

Family: Father: Jacob the Lynx, Mother: Anna the Cat. However, he barely remembers either (see history)

Relationships: Friendly towards members of free company, slightly wary of all others by default (see personality)

Perks:  The perks for this character are all best compared to a "Doctor's Protege," which is so good it uses up all perks for all ranks.
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